Brennan Equine Welfare Fund

Brennan Equine Welfare Fund is a fund-raising, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Grants from Brennan
Equine Welfare Fund are used to serve equine rescue shelters across the country which provide dignity to
final years of aged, injured, abused, starved and slaughter-bound horses, as well as those used in medical
experimentation. This fund supports registered, 501(c)(3) organizations that specialize in retirement and
rehabilitation services and offer a peaceful and permanent sanctuary for these beautiful animals. Shelters
which offer carefully scrutinized adoption or re-placement services are also supported.

Established in 2000 by Linda S Pavey, Brennan Equine Welfare Fund carries on the memory of her equine
companion, Brennan (J.B.'s Hero), an off-the-track Thoroughbred

Brennan Equine Welfare Fund is a non-breed, non-discipline specific organization believing that all horses,
regardless of their breeding, training, age or stature in life, are deserving of respect and dignity.


2000-2015  Fifteen Years Of Helping Equines In Need

Brennan Equine Welfare
Fund is a proud member

                               Update on "Angel": Strong and Healthy at 34 Years of Age !

One of Brennan Equine Welfare Fund's earliest sponsored horses was Thoroughbred mare named "Angel". Found in a feed lot (the holding area before going to
slaughter), completely emaciated and dejected, a Good Samaritan turned this sad girl  in to BEWF-grantee Friends of Ferdinand (FFI). Named after a
Thoroughbred that was, indeed, slaughtered in an abbatoir, FFI took her in with open arms.

Angel's condition was so severe, it took months to bring her back up to condition. Trying to find out who the mare was proved to be impossible as her tattoo (all
race Thoroughbreds have a tattoo in their upper lip) was so faded. However, partial reading of the tattoo and her teeth put her age at 28 years old. Today, Angel,
at a spry 34 years old, still lives in Northern Indiana at an FFI foster farm.

Recently, the family moved to a smaller farm, but Angel has adapted well to her new surroundings and still enjoys the company of her herd-mates and a
special Nubian goat named Herbie that she cares for as if it were her own foal!

FFI has been a multiple BEWF-grantee, and this year was no exception. Support grants for Angel over the years help FFI to not only care for Angel as a
permanent foster, but also give opportunities to other at risk racehorses in need of new homes off the track.

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Angel upon intake in 2007
Thanks to donors like you, Angel, at right,
enjoys her large retirement pasture with her
herdmates and goat friend