Brennan Equine Welfare Fund

Brennan Equine Welfare Fund is a fund-raising, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Grants from Brennan
Equine Welfare Fund are used to serve equine rescue shelters across the country which provide dignity to
final years of aged, injured, abused, starved and slaughter-bound horses, as well as those used in medical
experimentation. This fund supports registered, 501(c)(3) organizations that specialize in retirement and
rehabilitation services and offer a peaceful and permanent sanctuary for these beautiful animals. Shelters
which offer carefully scrutinized adoption or re-placement services are also supported.

Established in 2000 by Linda S Pavey, Brennan Equine Welfare Fund carries on the memory of her equine
companion, Brennan (J.B.'s Hero), an off-the-track Thoroughbred

Brennan Equine Welfare Fund is a non-breed, non-discipline specific organization believing that all horses,
regardless of their breeding, training, age or stature in life, are deserving of respect and dignity.


2000-2014  Fourteen Years Of Helping Equines In Need

Brennan Equine Welfare
Fund is a proud member
       Letter From BEWF Grantee, Equine Encore Foundation

  Founder Patti Shirley expresses sincere appreciation to Brennan Equine Welfare Fund
                            and supporters like you who really do make a difference!

Every racehorse should be as lucky as Lit'sgoodlookingray.  He was born the son of a famous sire (Lit de
Justice) and stakes-producing dam (Color Collection) and was raised in sunny California.  He is well put
together and sports a beautiful gray coat with a disposition to match.  He earned $405,836 in his career,
racing all but 4 races in the state of his birth.  As he aged and slowed a step, he was moved to Phoenix, AZ,   
and ended his career at Turf Paradise in the barn of the very capable Robertino Diodoro.  Lit won on
11-14-11 but finished 8th on 12-20-11.  Mr. Diodoro realized that the horse had the heart to compete but his
knees weren't up to the task and he notified the owners that it was time for their horse to retire.  This is a
critical time for Thoroughbreds--a time when many of them are discarded and end up in a horrible situation,
but Lit's connections were not going to let that happen to this beautiful gray champion.

Equine Encore Foundation was contacted and on January 2, 2012, we drove from our farm in Tucson, AZ, to
Turf Paradise and brought Lit to his new home.  He had been retired at just the right time.  He was in
beautiful condition with a shining coat and an attitude to match.  Although most of our 70 horses are
permanent residents, we could tell that after a few months of adjusting to a quieter lifestyle, this good-looking
gray would be ready for adoption.  A grant from Brennan Equine Welfare Fund helped us support Lit while
he was learning about life away from the racetrack.  We were thrilled to discover that the Brennan folks didn't
care if we were located across the country in Tucson, AZ.  They were only concerned that we were providing
a safe haven for racehorses who could no longer compete at the racetrack.

When it came time to send Lit to a new home, he hit the jackpot when Joy McKenna of Woodland Park, CO,
adopted him.  We usually don't adopt horses to people out of state, but Joy came so highly recommended
that an exception was made and it has proven to be an excellent decision.  Joy and Lit have bonded in an
amazing way, and we receive pictures and updates constantly.  Joy had knee surgery performed on Lit to
make sure that his retirement would be spent in comfort.  If only every ex-racehorse could find an owner like

It has been said that "Rescuing an animal may not change the world, but for that animal, its world is changed
forever!"  Thanks to Brennan Equine Welfare Fund and Joy McKenna, Lit'sgoodlookingray is one of those

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