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Brennan Equine Welfare Fund's 2018 Preliminary Grant Proposal:

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A 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization for the Benefit

of Equines In Need

Grant Proposals and Awards are Considered Annually


November 1, 2017 -January 15, 2018:

Preliminary Proposal Applications accepted. Form must be received no later than January 15, 2018.

February 1, 2018:

Organizations will be selected based on their Preliminary Proposal Applications and will be invited to submit a Full Proposal/Grant Request. If you  have not been contacted by February 1, 2018, feel free to contact us about the status of your PPA.

April 30, 2018:

Full Proposal/Grant Requests due. Must be received no later than April 30, 2018.

June 30, 2018:

Full Proposal/Grant Request Applicants will be informed of a decision by this date.


NOTE: "Emergency" grants outside of the above dates will be considered. (For example, an emergency grant could be awarded to pay for hay after a barn fire where all hay was lost. Emergency grants will not be considered for general operating purposes.)


  • Must be a 501(c)(3) equine rescue/retirement/rehabilitation/adoption shelter, or have permission to utilize another organization's 501(c)(3) status as fiscal agent.
  • Must be in existence and operating as a 501(c)(3) for at least three (3) consecutive years as of April 30 of the current year.
  • Programs considered may include, but are not limited to, the rescue, care, and rehabilitation of injured, old, abused, starved, slaughter-bound, and neglected horses, as well as those horses used for medical experimentation (including Premarin mares and foals), and permanent care for aged equines living out their final years.
  • Qualifying organizations provide either (1) a permanent sanctuary in which rescued and aged equines may live out their last years in peace and find a dignified retirement, and/or (2) a rehabilitation and proven adoption program that serves in the best interest of the equines that are placed.
  • Brennan Equine Welfare Fund will show preference to well run, financially responsible, all - or mostly all - volunteer based facilities.
  • We do not consider or award grants to private foundations.
  • All things being equal, preference will be made to Global Foundation of Animal Sanctuaries or Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance Accredited or Verified facilities.
  • All things being equal, preference will be made to those facilities with an adoption contract that includes, but is not limited to:

- No breeding

- No racing

- A follow-up policy that regularly checks up on the adopted horse(s) and mandates a

repossession back to the facility if the animal is being neglected or in any danger.

- A take-back policy for all equines no matter the reason the adoption may fail.

- PLEASE NOTE: This does not apply to those facilities that offer retirement or permanent

sanctuary only.

Good to Know:

  • No email or FAX applications/information will be accepted. Only snail-mailed, hard copies will be accepted. Please do not use binders, page protectors, folders, etc.
  • Grants approved are generally from the few $100's to $5,000.
  • We do not give grants for capital improvements/permanent structures (barn, fencing, sheds, etc.) if the facility is rented or temporarily leased.
  • All applications must be complete. (IMPORTANT: We will not place calls or send e-mails to request missing items or information, so if your application packet is missing information or required signatures, etc., it will be considered incomplete and therefore disqualified for consideration.)
  • Those qualifying organizations who are approved a grant from Brennan Equine Welfare Fund will be required to fulfill certain grant-approval requirements and report final financials regarding the grant funding at the end of the term.
  • All submissions, including applications, documentation, attachments, and photos, become property of Brennan Equine Welfare Fund.

Brennan Equine Welfare Fund is a fund-raising, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Grants from Brennan Equine Welfare Fund are used to serve equine rescue shelters across the country which provide dignity to final years of aged, injured, abused, starved and slaughter-bound horses, as well as those used in medical experimentation.

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A 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization for the Benefit of Equines In Need

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